Roland Saïkali

Senior Software Engineer

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About Me

I'm an high level software engineer: from customer needs to delivery, from development to production, I've experienced many aspects of software life-cycle during my 20+ years background in computer science.

Dedicated to give the customer the best possible experience, I'm very observant and addicted to new technologies.

I'm convinced I don't know everything, but I know where and how to search what I need to never get stuck.

I'm also a big fan of DIY projects where I can continue to experiment new techniques and different aspects of technologies (RaspberryPi, machine learning, IOT, CAD and 3D printing)



Software Engineer

  • Datacenter Software Orchestration (DCSO) : all data center services as well as the networking components are described in a model text file during design time.
  • Compiled by DCSO Marlysys software it allows the user testing, prototyping, automating and controlling both networking and data-center Hardware and Software.
  • To customers it delivers orchestration tailored to their specific needs: easy to deploy, easy to maintain, absolutely consistent. This allows them to remain focused on their core competencies while at the same time increase efficiency and lower the costs.
  • DCSO has been delivered to Deutsche Telekom to ease TeraStream deployment.

PagesJaunes (SOGETI)

System Engineer

  • Solocal (PagesJaunes) PVI project (Pack Visibilité Internet) platform hosting more than 100000 professionals websites. In this context: Cassandra NoSQL cluster management, Karaf application servers, Apache webservers, PostgreSQL databases, Varnish cache servers.
  • Developed an automatic middleware installation and projects deployment via Python Fabric.
  • Jenkins continuous integration (unittests and code quality checks).
  • Python/Fabric/Django training sessions for the system team.

PagesJaunes (SOGETI)

Search Engine Application Manager

  • Search Engine application manager at
  • Pertimm Database Accelerator search engine customization and optimisation (queries, search filters, indexing).

PagesJaunes (SOGETI)

Software Engineer

  • Liferay Intranet improvements: dedicated user agendas and planning, documentation repositories, team collaboration tooling.


ETL Expert

  • CNIEG (Caisse Nationale des Industries Électriques et Gazières).
  • GXP/NPP project: Talend Open Studio data migration (Oracle).

BioCoop (SOGETI)

Software Engineer

  • Biocoop Intranet Portal development
  • Liferay J2EE Portal solution.


ETL Expert

  • CNIEG (Caisse Nationale des Industries Électriques et Gazières).
  • SIROCCO project.
  • Talend Open Studio data migration (Oracle).

Generali (SOGETI)

Software Engineer

  • Java Web Services analysis and development for GENERALI Customers management.


Software Engineer

  • EDF HappyDAP project.
  • Sybase to Oracle migration planning (Oracle WorkBench).
  • Java application development.


ETL Expert

  • IRSN (Institut de Radioprotection et de Sûreté Nucléaire)
  • VALTEL/TELERAY data management.
  • Talend Open Studio management for nuclear samples data (measure and analysis).

Airbus (SOGETI)

Software Engineer

  • Airbus Aerocity Project : Generic framework for process and data management.
  • Used to coordinate the increased amount of simulations required to reduce the Wind Tunnel costs.
  • Data management Python API development.

Airbus (Transiciel Technologies)

Software Engineer

  • Airbus JEDM Software Management, part of Aerostation Framework.
  • JEDM is a Java application used by engineers in Airbus to prepare, submit and analyze their aerodynamical computations.

Airbus (CR2A-DI)

Software Engineer

  • Airbus LTS project: LTS is an application used to manage aircraft weights. It is used to generate official aircraft documentation (Load And Trim Sheets and AHM050).
  • Visual Basic GUI for database management.



1997 - 2000

Master's Degree in Engineering

Institute Of Technology

1995 - 1997

BTEC Higher National Diploma (french DUT)



  • City of Rennes Open Data application contest.
  • website development.
  • Won the first 'Grand Prix du Jury' (15000€ dotation)
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RaspberryPi IOT

  • Never ending personal project :-)
  • Home automation through RaspberryPi computers.
  • Temperature humidity sensors.
  • Radio controlled lights and plugs.
  • Camera and image analysis (Google Tensorflow machine learning).
  • Data management (message queues, time series databases...).
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