Roland Saikali

Senior Software Engineer

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About Me

I'm an high level software engineer: from definition to development, from testing to delivery and finally to production and deployment. I've experienced many aspects of software life-cycle.
I love to play with data, extract interesting, significant and user oriented information.
I'm also very dedicated to give the user the best possible experience.
I'm very observant and addicted to new technologies and DIY projects.
I don't know everything, but I know where and how to search what I need (aka "Google is your friend")



Software Engineer

  • Microsoft Teams chatbot solution: elqano connects employees who have questions with those who have answers. It amplifies the collective intelligence, and develops an organic capitalisation of knowledge.
  • In this context: Azure DevOps deployment, monitoring and alerting. Quality insurance.


Software Engineer

  • Datacenter orchestration software: all the services in the data center as well as the networking components are described in a text file during design time.
  • Compiled by Marlysys software it creates a streamlined/reduced to the max virtual environment which allows the user testing, prototyping, automating and controlling both networking and data-center Hardware and Software.
  • The final step deploys automatically to the production environment.
  • To customers it delivers orchestration tailored to their specific needs: easy to deploy, easy to maintain, absolutely consistent. This allows them to remain focused on their core competencies while at the same time increase efficiency and lower the costs.

PagesJaunes (SOGETI)

System Engineer

  • Solocal (PagesJaunes) PVI project (Pack Visibilité Internet) platform hosting more than 100000 professionals websites. In this context: Cassandra NoSQL cluster management, Karaf application servers, Apache webservers, PostgreSQL databases, Varnish cache servers.
  • Python/Fabric/Django training sessions.
  • Developped an automatic middleware installation and projects deployment via Fabric.
  • Jenkins continuous integration (unittests and code quality checks).

PagesJaunes (SOGETI)

Search Engine Application Manager

  • Search Engine application manager at
  • Pertimm Database Accelerator search engine customization and optimisation (queries, search filters, indexing).

PagesJaunes (SOGETI)

J2EE Liferay Software Engineer

  • Liferay Intranet Improvements.


ETL Expert

  • CNIEG (Caisse Nationale des Industries Électriques et Gazières).
  • GXP/NPP project: Talend Open Studio data migration (Oracle).

BioCoop (SOGETI)

J2EE Liferay Software Engineer

  • Biocoop Intranet Portal development
  • Liferay Portal solution.


ETL Expert

  • CNIEG (Caisse Nationale des Industries Électriques et Gazières).
  • SIROCCO project.
  • Talend Open Studio data migration (Oracle).

Generali (SOGETI)

Java Web Services Engineer

  • Java Web Services analysis and development for GENERALI Customers management.


Software Engineer

  • EDF HappyDAP project.
  • Sybase to Oracle migration planning (Oracle WorkBench).
  • Java application development.


ETL Expert

  • IRSN (Institut de Radioprotection et de Sûreté Nucléaire)
  • VALTEL/TELERAY data management.
  • Talend Open Studio management for nuclear samples data (measure and analysis).

Airbus (SOGETI)

Python Software Engineer

  • Airbus Aerocity Project : Generic framework for process and data management.
  • Used to coordinate the increased amount of simulations required to reduce the Wind Tunnel costs.
  • Data management Python API development.

Airbus (Transiciel Technologies)

Java Software Engineer

  • Airbus JEDM Software Management, part of Aerostation Framework.
  • JEDM is a Java application used by engineers in Airbus to prepare, submit and analyze their aerodynamical computations.

Airbus (CR2A-DI)

Visual Basic Software Engineer

  • Airbus LTS project: LTS is an application used to manage aircraft weights. It is used to generate official aircraft documentation (Load And Trim Sheets and AHM050).
  • Visual Basic GUI for database management.



1997 - 2000

Master's Degree in Engineering

Institute Of Technology

1995 - 1997

BTEC Higher National Diploma (french DUT)



  • City of Rennes Open Data application contest.
  • website development.
  • Won the first 'Grand Prix du Jury' (15000€ dotation)
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RaspberryPi IOT

  • Never ending personal project :-)
  • Home automation through RaspberryPi computers.
  • Temperature humidity sensors.
  • Radio controlled lights and plugs.
  • Camera and image analysis (Google Tensorflow machine learning).
  • Data management (message queues, time series databases...).
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